Producing high quality films since 1976.

Woodpecker offers the highest quality production services and locations for your films in Finland.
All the way from Helsinki to Lapland.


Our service

Our team has several years of experience and will deliver maximum production value for your project. Our production service area reaches from the Southern archipelago of Finland to Lapland and beyond.
With superb production knowledge and unique Snow-how of the Northern conditions, production company Woodpecker is ready to help you with your next shoot right here at the top of the world.

Our excellent reputation and strong connection with land owners, local guides and municipalities in Finland, provides us the flexibility and access to shoot in almost any location in Finland. With a wide network in Scandinavia, we are also able to offer services that cover the entire Nordic region.

Since 1976 our goal has been to provide enjoyable, cost-effective and safe access to some of the most magnificent and unique locations of the North.


We have:


188,000 lakes

179,584 islands

2,000,000 saunas


in Finland


Filming in Finland

Production in Finland is smooth sailing.

Airplanes and trains run on time, restaurant bills have no hidden charges and the streets and runways are kept clear even if there has been a severe snowstorm the previous night. Finland is also one of the safest and most non-corrupt countries in the world.

Finland offers filming possibilities throughout the year thanks to its unique natural conditions – from the midnight sun and summer heat to long winters and guaranteed snow. Our solid infrastructure ensures that even the most exotic and remote locations are easily accessible. Everything is within close proximity to cities.

In Finland, we have a legal right of “Freedom to Roam” that allows everyone to enjoy outdoor excursions in the country's vast forests, fells, at the numerous lakes and rivers - with only a few restrictions. Public access to private land is much more lenient in Finland and the other Nordic countries than in most other countries of the world. This means that you can shoot almost everywhere with a simple setup, without the need of permits and tedious paperwork. However, if the film production requires traffic control, large lighting setups, major constructions etc., the process of obtaining the required permits normally only takes a few days.


There are several direct & daily flights to Helsinki from all around the world.




3 hours

New York


9 hours



4 hours


Nordic Locations

There are many natural landscapes in Finland and Lapland, as well as a number of modern cities and small wooden towns.

Finland also boasts thousands of kilometres of pure coastline, forests, archipelagos, urban architecture, thousands of lakes and islands, vast areas of wilderness and ‘period locations’ where the sites have been specially designed to represent different periods of history.


Are you considering shooting your next project in Nordics?

We can help you with that.




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